Iceland Day 5 – The Blue Lagoon

Our last full day in Iceland took us back into Reykjavik for a final view of the city (and to hunt for trinkets like typical tourists). We even got ourselves a wool blanket (thank you sheepies)! The cats will most likely love it and chew on it, or they will hate it and still chew on it. Too bad we can’t fully enjoy it until it’s cold outside. Maybe Christmas won’t be 65 degrees this year!

Iceland Reykjavik Prime Minister Office
The Prime Minister’s office

At one moment, Mike looked up and stopped in his tracks.  He said we came to Iceland one week too early. THE BACON FESTIVAL!!!! I think Mike even cried a little. #meatisneat

Iceland Reykjavic Bacon Festival

The last typical tourist site we visited was the infamous Blue Lagoon Spa, which is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It’s also near a geothermal power plant in the middle of nowhere (then again, this is Iceland).

Iceland Blue Lapp
Entrance to The Blue Lagoon is “rock” solid

Now, in order to go to the Blue Lagoon you have to make a reservation online or by phone. They then send you some information about what to expect when you get there. Before you go into the water you have to shower “without a bathing suit” (AKA your birthday suit) with their soap and conditioner. Hygiene is very important, and the minerals in the water can dry out your hair. Plus, sharing body grime is so not trendy.

The lagoon itself was warm and comfortable, but I couldn’t help but wish it was a bit hotter (not boiling lobster hot, but just a tad warmer). Our particular reservation included a free drink, which we ordered from the bar that’s submerged in the lagoon itself. #lazyforthewin

Iceland Blue Lagoon Spa bar

We also had silicon and algae mud masks, which I did not get photos of because I didn’t want to take my phone into the water (duh). A lot of people did just that though, so kudos to them for being daring. The bar even sold “waterproof covers” for your phones, which I’m guessing were just over-glorified Ziplock bags.

It was nice to relax and float around mineral-saturated hot springs. With strangers. If you ever do decide to come to this part of Iceland, you should go to the Blue Lagoon Spa at least once. Now, with that being said, I don’t think Mike and I would do it again. It was a one and done experience for us. Plus, we saw more naked people in the locker rooms than you see in an entire season of Game of Thrones.

Iceland Blue Lagoon Spa

Suffice it to say, the Blue Lagoon was a great way to end our trip in Iceland. It was relaxing albeit, visually scarring, but there’s always some tit for tat…literally. Plus our skin was wonderfully soft afterwards!

Iceland Blue Lagoon Spa Mike and Sam


4 thoughts on “Iceland Day 5 – The Blue Lagoon

  1. Great post! I’m hoping to visit Iceland in the near future and the Blue Lagoon has always been a “must” on my Iceland itinerary. Thank you for sharing such an informative overview of the place! (I’ve been living in Sweden for the past two years and have heard that the birthday suit in the changeroom, public shower or sauna thing is a big thing all across Scandinavia. It was definitely surprised the first time I walked in to one of those places…)


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! Iceland is a beautiful place! And the Blue Lagoon is definitely a good place to stop to see what all the hub bub is about. The birthday suits were definitely a surprise, but no one seemed to care really.

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