Iceland Day 4 – A Beach of a Day

Day 4 was a beautiful day for another road trip, but like always we got sidetracked! Our main goal was to find the Black Sand Beach, and on our way we stopped by the infamous Skógafoss waterfall!

Iceland Skogafoss waterfall

At first I thought we were just going to “ooh” and “ahh,” take pictures, and then be on our way. However, Mike pointed out that we ARE in Iceland and should “take advantage” of our time here. AKA “let’s climb the exorbitant amount of stairs, Sam!” Yes, let’s climb to the top of the waterfall, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. #legday

After mentally cursing the inventor of stairs and the occasional break, we made it to the top! My quads were jelly and I immediately regretted leaving my water bottle in the car. Oh I’m sorry, I thought we were just going to take a nice stroll around the waterfall, not hike the terrain like Davy Crockett! Sorry, that’s the lingering dehydration talking. Regardless of my complaining, I will admit that it was worth the climb.

Iceland Skogafoss waterfall up river

We followed the river that created Skógafoss and the sights were breathtaking (like the stairs). The grassy hills were scattered with grazing sheep (the urge to pet one was great, but they were so far), and one of the popular hiking glaciers was sitting behind it. It was very peaceful, and very, very windy.

Skógafoss was one of my favorite places we visited on this trip. It was so open and it honestly felt like something out of the book, “Heidi.” Rolling hills, sheep, clean air, and mountainous terrain. Simply beautiful.

Mike and I finally pulled ourselves away from the falls thanks to our need for hydration. #h2over We then continued on our way, only to be drawn into part of the Dyrholaey National Reserve.

Iceland Dyrholaey cliff

Ocean waves crashed against rocks with tremendous force, and the surf had Mike itching for his board. However, that’s a good way to die, boys and girls. No one was surfing (take that as a sign), and the only ones who would be out there would surf during hurricanes. And the Darwin Award goes to…

Iceland Dyrholaey waves

Iceland Dyrholaey rocks

Finally, we reached the Black Sand Beach! It’s located in a quaint little village called Vik, which is the southern most town in the country. It had the normal “small town vibe,” and even had a church sitting on the top of a hill.

Iceland VIk Black Sand Beach

After always being around Rhode Island’s beaches (and “normal” beaches in general), seeing black sand was eerie and almost alien.

Iceland VIk Black Sand Beach

You could probably make some amazing Gothic castles.

Iceland VIk Black Sand Beach waves

We spent some time watching the surf and played with the sand, which was surprisingly cool to the touch. It was still warm, but not “scald-your-feet-off” hot. This might be due to the fact that the sun isn’t very high in the sky. Or, it just doesn’t get hot at all for science reasons.

Iceland Vik Black Sand Beach Mike and Sam

After our day of detours and delays, we returned to Reykjavik to rest up for our final full day, where we took one last walk around the city, and entered the infamous Blue Lagoon Spa.


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