Iceland Day 3 – A Fishy Day in Reykjavik

One day is not enough time to take in all that Reykjavik has to offer, so on our third day we ventured into the city once more. Luckily, we were actually awake this time around. Our first stop was Cafe Loki. We needed sustenance, and the restaurant at the hotel was a tad pricey compared to local restaurants. Plus, we heard great things about this particular cafe.

Iceland Reykjavik Cafe Loki

Mike ordered the smoked trout with cottage cheese on homemade rye bread, and I ordered the smoked herring with eggs on rye bread. It’s a bit intimidating when you first look at it, but the rye was very rich and filling, and the fish was sweet and flavorful. Plus, for all of you “paranoid fish eaters” out there, we’re alive and didn’t get sick! We also learned that water is usually free, and they place pitchers out for your own use.

We continued to explore the city, and even ran into some of the locals!

Iceland Reykjavik Cat

Our next stop was the infamous Icelandic Phallological Museum (Mike insisted of course). You can’t help but feel small when you stand next to a whale’s business that’s hanging off the wall. #whaleofatale And who knew that some mammals have actual bones in their “bones” while humans do not. Science is crazy!

Iceland Reykjavik Phallic Museum

After such a “stiff” experience we were lucky enough to witness the Gay Pride Parade! We had no idea it was going on the weekend we were there, so it was a pleasant surprise. Everyone was dressed up to show their support, and the atmosphere was absolutely fabulous!

Iceland Reykjavik Gay Pride Parade

Each float had their own music, whether it was through speakers or performed live! I almost forgot how loud trumpet players could be. It brought me back to the Clarkson Pep Band days where us flutists stood in front of the trumpets. I can still hear the ringing. #whatdidyousay

Iceland Reykjavik Gay Pride Parade Band

The parade came to an end with a fabulous sparkling rainbow unicorn float. Every time the speakers on the float dropped the bass, the fabric would shimmer to the beat. There were dancers and a singer on the back of the unicorn, and even though we weren’t sure what we were seeing (like most things on the Internet), we enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we went to the Saga Museum and learned an impressively depressing history lesson about Iceland. Long story short, man discovers Iceland. Man settles and fighting ensues. Man converts “willingly” to Christianity. The bubonic plague wipes out about a third of the population (thanks Einar Herjólfsson). Man keeps fighting. Yeah that sounds about right.

We had dinner at a restaurant called Reykjavik Fish. Mike ordered a traditional Icelandic dish called Plokkari, which was very similar to clam chowder, but instead of clam it had cod. I ordered the fish burger (#adventurous), and am now addicted to Icelandic fish. I guess you could say that this trip went…swimmingly! #pun-ished

Iceland Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

We ended the day with a nice, quiet stroll around the bay of the city and enjoyed the natural wonders and man-made structures.

Iceland Reykjavik across the water


Iceland Reykjavik Harpa Concert Hall

Even though Reykjavik is a small city in comparison to those in the U.S. (even Providence), it packs a cultural punch, and you can’t help but feel like you’ll discover something new every time you visit.


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